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We specialize in difficult protein production, complex assay development, and cost effective molecular cloning projects.

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Protein Expression and Purification

OneWorld Biotech’s ProteoWay™ Protein Production Optimization ensures that each stage of the protein expression process — from vector design, host selection, culture conditions and purification to protein characterization — delivers the highest quality biologically active protein possible.

Assay Development

OneWorld Biotech offers a proven scientific and systematic approach to successful custom assay design and manufacture. We use custom-designed reagents and can source assay components from third party vendors. OneWorld Biotech has the capability to create a variety of validated assay systems.

Molecular Cloning

OneWorld Biotech pleased to offer expanded and cost-effective NucleoWay™ Molecular Cloning services to the wider scientific community. We have been helping our clients with gene cloning, RNA and mRNA synthesis, plasmid DNA and RNA purification, and other DNA/RNA analysis projects over the past 11 years.