About OneWorld Biotech Inc

Our Mission

Actively support clients’ R&D programs by providing highest quality CRO services and innovations in research with proficiency and dedication.

Our Company

  • The company was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing high quality and innovative solutions in life science research.
  • We specialize in designing and completing complex, custom projects that involve expression vector construction, protein production in microbial and mammalian cells and assay development.
  • Our client relationships are built on trust, mutual understanding of goals and open communication.
  • Our philosophy of collaboration and cooperation leads to long-term relationships with our clients and fosters creative problem-solving, consistently high quality deliverables and continuing customer satisfaction.
  • We integrate our services with our clients’ R&D processes and work with their personnel to cooperatively solve problems, execute each project with the highest level of care and attention, and provide consultancy expertise as required.
  • We are problem-solvers who are sincerely interested in your success. We work with you to identify the most appropriate procedures and strategies for your project and assist you at each step of project planning.
  • We strive to be the first choice for clients looking to develop and market new products to the life sciences industry.

Our People

  • Our small and accomplished team offers more than 100 combined years of experience in the biotechnology industry with demonstrated expertise in the areas of molecular biology, protein engineering, protein expression and purification, cell culture, and custom assay development.
  • Partners throughout the US and internationally are experiencing the benefits of our scientific capabilities and special skills in problem solving and project management.

Our Facility

  • OneWorld Biotech operates in a 3500 square feet laboratory facility 30 miles north of the City of Philadelphia within the Mid Atlantic and North East pharmaceutical and biotech industry hubs.
  • Our labs are fully equipped with modern analytical and process equipment to support all of our services in house, with the security required to ensure the complete safety of your programs.
  • We offer isolated areas with HEPA-filtered climate control for DNA and RNA work, as well as individual suites for cell culture and reagent/assay manufacturing.