ProteoWay™ Protein Production

OneWorld Biotech’s ProteoWay™ Protein Production Optimization ensures that each stage of the protein expression process — from vector design, host selection, culture conditions and purification to protein characterization — delivers the highest quality biologically active protein possible.

OneWorld Biotech Advantage

  • High quality service: Our Quality by Design approach is tailored to meet your specifications.
  • Commitment to innovation: Our focus on innovation guides the quality of all of our services.
  • Effective communications: We understand that communication is vital, so from initial recommendations to project design and completion, we provide regular updates and milestone reports.
  • Exceptional value: Committed to providing outstanding service, better than the competition, at competitive prices.

ProteoWay™ Protein Production Platform

  • OneWorld Biotech takes great pride in delivering high quality recombinant proteins since 2007. Our proficiency in protein engineering, expression, and purification systems has now been captured in a comprehensive technology platform that is the ProteoWay™ Process.
  • Our robust ProteoWay™ Process ensures that each stage in the recombinant protein expression method is systematically improved. Whether applied to soluble protein expression in E. coli or membrane proteins in stable CHO cell lines, the ProteoWay™ Process offers recombinant expression systems optimized at every level.
  • Starting with the target recombinant protein sequence, and using the ProteoWay™ Process tools, OneWorld Biotech optimizes the coding sequence for the host organism of choice using expertise acquired over our years of success in the industry. From a comprehensive selection of in house expression vectors and the DNA elements within them, we design and construct a vector for optimal expression of your recombinant protein.
  • We work with cell-free, microbial, insect, and mammalian expression systems; each one is taken through the same rigorous optimization process.
  • OneWorld Biotech offers innovative Inclusion Body processing that utilizes high-pressure conditions to induce native protein refolding and active protein recovery; this necessitates the need for harsh chaotropic agents and improves the quality of the final product.
  • Developing enriched media formulations, proven feeding strategies and byproduct management procedures, we are able to maximize biomass production to help ensure high recombinant protein yields.
  • With both Wave™ and airlift bioreactor single-use systems in house, OneWorld Biotech can assure that your insect and mammalian cell culture goals can be readily achieved, starting with pilot scale up to 20L+ production runs.

From antibodies and GPCRs to proteases, lipases and kinases, our platform delivers consistent and highest quality of biologically proteins in their native state. Let OneWorld Biotech help you do it the right way, the successful way….. The ProteoWay™!

Expression Systems

Researchers are constantly challenged by the need for highly pure proteins in R&D and product development. Novel approaches to meet the demands of tomorrow’s products are constantly being developed. Each expression platform has its own merits and disadvantages, and one may be more suitable for a particular protein than others. We narrow the choices by considering many factors to select the optimal vector and host combination.The success rate for heterologous gene expression and protein purification is greatly increased by optimizing each process step: vector design, transient vs. stable expression, inducible vs. constitutive, need for affinity tags, and choice of host system. The construct design also depends on whether the protein will be used for functional studies, antibody development, assay development, structural studies, diagnostic tests, or therapeutics.

  • Our experience with a variety of expression systems and our know-how enable us to make the right choice that meets your needs. Each protein is unique.
  • Designing an ideal expression vector and choosing the right host system can involve many months of trial and error. However, if information is available on structure or function of the protein of interest, rational design of expression constructs can be performed to improve the expression levels in the desired host.
  • Often, the problem with the expression of recombinant protein is not the protein itself, but the gene sequence or mRNA. Cloning of synthetic genes is one option that we consider to overcome expression problems in a specific host.

Transient Expression
Transient Expression in Mammalian Cells (HEK293, CHO, HeLa and others)
Transient Expression in Insect Cells (Sf9, Sf21, High Five, and others)

Baculovirus Expression
Stable Expression
Stable Expression in Mammalian Cells and Selection of Pools
Stable Expression in Mammalian Cells and Clonal Selection
Stable Expression in Mammalian Cells, Clonal Selection and Gene Amplification
Stable Expression in Insect Cells and Selection of Pools or Clones
Microbial Expression

E. coli Expression
Yeast Expression

Bacillus Expression

See below for additional information on protein expression and purification services.

Mammalian Expression

Mammalian cell biotechnology is a demanding system for the production of recombinant proteins compared to microbial systems. We employ recent developments – genetic, biochemical, metabolic control of cells, glycosylation, bioreactors properties, and new chromatography solutions – to reduce the time and cost required to establish transient and stable eukaryotic cell-based protein production.

Insect Expression

We offer three types of protein expression in insect cells: 1) stable transformation of insect cells for long term continuous production of difficult-to-express cytoplasmic, membrane, nuclear, and secretary proteins, 2) plasmid-based transient transfection for quick purification of protein variants, and 3) Baculovirus expression vector system with transfer vectors for multi-host expression in E. coli, insect, and mammalian cells.

Microbial Expression

Our experience with a variety of expression systems and our know-how enables us to make the right microbial host choice that meets your needs. We are experts in optimizing protein expression using established and new developments in tunable expression, solubility technology, and protein targeting to maximize protein yield, biological activity and purity.

Antibody Support Services

We are the one-stop solution for your antibody projects. We offer a range of production and purification services for hybridoma culture and recombinant antibody production heterologous system (bacteria, yeast, or mammalian cells), and phage display.

Protein Purification

Our in-house protein purification process and techniques are customized to a wide variety of expression hosts from small-scale to large-scale production of recombinant proteins. For each protein, we evaluate a combination of purification methods for simplicity and cost to obtain highly pure and biologically active protein.

Protein Characterization

All proteins are subject to quality control during and after purification. OneWorld Biotech’s ability to quickly, routinely, and comprehensively characterize proteins accelerates project completion and assures product quality.